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Finale Ultimo Lyrics

The Company lyrics — Finale Ultimo Lyrics

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Frederick, i realize it's a rather shabby thing for a
Chap to do to his creator, but i'm afraid that i?ve
Fallen madly in love with your fianc?.

And i with him!

Deep love, at last i found deep love,
Been searching for deep love
For all of her life!

Hard love, a diamond-like hard love,
You caught me off-guard love,
Will you be my wife?


Monster & villagers:
Deep love, at last we've (they've)
Found deep love
Now we (they) will keep love forever inside.

Someone, send me someone
I need someone who will care

Frau blucher:
Excuse me, i have to leave.
I got a blind date.

Doctor, creature, everyone,
It's a miracle! It's gone! My hump! It's gone!
Wait...nope, it's in the middle.

Awe! Oh!

Good evening. I am thinking of relocating to
The transilvania area. Perhaps to purchase a castle.
Like that one there on the hill.

I?m sorry sir, but that castle is not for sale.
It's belongs to me and i'll be linving in it
From now on because...

I'm going to join the fam'ly bus'ness,
Learn the fam'ly trade,
Make another monster


Make the world afraid!
We can take a hayride
When we're on our honeymoon....


We'll make the son of frankenstein
The sequel's coming soon!

Darling, if you gave the monster your
Brilliant mind, what did he give you in return?

Welcome to transylvania
Where blessings fall from up above
Where even monsters fall in love
The moon will always shine
On young frankenstein! Ahh....!

[thanks to drownedboy for lyrics]

Download Ringtone Send “Finale Ultimo” Ringtones to Cell Phone Download Ringtone

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