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Lucie Arnaz - Another Night at Darryl's lyrics

Lucie Arnaz lyrics — Another Night at Darryl's lyrics

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The night commences, my spirits soar-
and soon my senses go wild and what's more...
all my defences go right out the door.
Do I do? Do I don't? Yes I will!
Till I won't. Another night at Darryl's.

His hands caress me and it feels swell...
his words impress me, I'm caught in his spell.
His eyes undress me, his hands do as well.
Its all par for the course,
all reward, no remorse,
just another night at Darryl's.

And I am scaling the heights,
just detailing the sounds and the sights
of those amorous nights-
all those audacious, flirtatious, salacious delights...

OK, its tragic- what can I say?
There's not an adjective that could
convey the sort of magic he send my way.
Just the smallest amount and I'm down for the count....
oh God, another night!

And OK, its not a fairytale-
and OK, its not exactly every dream
I've ever know...*any* dream I've ever known.
But its intense- its heady stuff.
If its not love, its close enough!
And hey- it sure beats being alone...

I get connection- a bit of fun.
I feel affection where once
I felt none- and in reflection,
what's done is done.
So why not do it again?
And again and again and again and again
and again and again and again and again!

Where life was once cold and sterile,
now its positively feral!
All thanks to Darryl's guiding light-
another wrong, another right, another taste,
another bit; oh what the hell!
Another Darryl's! Another night at Darryl's!

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