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Lisa Lavie - The Mockingbird lyrics

Lisa Lavie lyrics — The Mockingbird lyrics

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Hush my baby donít say a word,
I'm gonna buy you a mockingbird,
And if that mockingbird donít sing,
I'm gonna buy you a diamond ring,
And if that diamond makes you cry,
I'll wipe all your tears goodbye,
I'm lovin you dear

Hush crazy baby I love you so,
can I bag with a bevelled dawn.
and if the love dont mean a thing,
we wont be happy with a diamond ring,
that's when that diamond get us does,
you still need a heart you can trust,
and i'm lovin you so.

and if that diamond makes you cry,
I'll wipe all your tears goodbye,
coz i'm lovin you so.

so when your rose seems talking blue,
just turn to me and i'll sing to you,
and if these rose are maybe true,
i guess that means that you love me too.

so if the mockingbird dont sing,
i'll still give you everything.

[Thanks to Candy for lyrics]

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