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(Movin' On by Merle Haggard) - Movin' On lyrics

(Movin' On by Merle Haggard) lyrics — Movin' On lyrics

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Big wheels rollin', big wheels rollin'
Movin' on.

Big wheels rollin', gotta keep 'em goin,
Big wheels rollin',
Movin' On.

The white line is the life line to a nation.
And men like Will and Sonny make it move.
Livin' like a gypsy, always on the go,
Doin' what they best know how to do.

Jammin' gears has got to be a fever,
'Cause men become addicted to the grind.
It takes a special breed to be a truck drivin' man,
And a steady hand to pull that load behind.

Big wheels rollin', big wheels rollin'
Movin' on.

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Television/TV Theme Lyrics - Action Soundtrack Lyrics | (Movin' On by Merle Haggard) Lyrics for Movin' On

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