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Shrek The Musical Cast - This Is How Dreams Come True lyrics

Shrek The Musical Cast lyrics — This Is How Dreams Come True lyrics

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(speaking) Now holdest on sir Shrek
Don't you want to savour this moment
It be-ith our first meeting
It must be a wonderful and romantic scene

This is how a dream comes true
This is how I pictured you
Climbing in to rescue me
This was always meant to be

Aww geeze I'm like a crack pot magnet

This is how the scene must go
You standing...there the light just so
Then you smile and gaze at me
Take my hand on bended knee
Bended knee
Bended knee


And though we've only met
Some how I always knew
It would look like this
When dreams come true


Brave sir knight slow down a bit
Shut-in girls are delicate
I've long for this my whole life long
Now you're doing it all wrong

Down a rope a steed awaits
That's what every story states
Riding over rough terrain
Past the dragon you have slay-en
You have slay-en
You have slay en?

It's on my to-do list


Donkey over here!

Oh, you found the princess

It talks.

Ya but the real trick is getting him to shut up

Are you there God? It's me Fiona

Less praying more running

Tra la la la la

This way instead

Tra la la la la

Tore ahead

In the end remember all your dreams come tru-Ah!
Say your affirmations and love will come to you
If you can conceive it, believe it, achieve it

Wooh! Mad dragon yay!
Skeletons hurray!
Pretending I'm not here
Nothing more to fear

Pink ponies happy sky, pink ponies happy sky
Oh my God we're gonna die

Get back!

This is how I pictured it
..More or less I must admit
A thumping in my heart
A life about to start

I knew this day would come
And you would find your way
At last my dream comes true
I knew, I knew, I knew!
It would be today!

[Thanks to Jessica G. for lyrics]

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