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Shrek The Musical Cast - I Could Get Used To This lyrics

Shrek The Musical Cast lyrics — I Could Get Used To This lyrics

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Can I just say though, I’m likin’ what you’ve done around here.
Most people would think of a swamp as a nasty place to live,
but it’s amazing on what you’ve done on such a modest budget.

(Trying to calm down)
Oh, that’s very kind. Maybe they’ll do a feature on me in Better Gnomes and Gardens.

(Starts to walk around the swamp)

Hey, where ya’ goin’?

I just wanna take another look around, ‘cause this place is beautiful!

Oh, no, no, no you don’t. The exit’s this way! Hey get back here!

Uh-huh, uh-huh
Okay, okay, yeah
Uh-huh, uh-huh
Okay, okay, yeah

I like that bolder
Those trees are nice
And a mud bath
That is bliss

A big backyard and a body guard
I could get used to this
Okay, okay!

Hey, I just straightened up over there!

The soothing sound of
Those burpin’ frogs and
Inalterable habitat

This place may stink
But it beats the clink
I could get used to that
Okay, okay!

Out of my onion patch!

I’ll put my hammock here
And my hibachi there
I’ll put a pool in here
And do my yoga there

We got a nasty ogre here
So you best beware!

Give me that! Honestly did your mother accidently kick you in the head as a child?
Well? Where’d he go? Oh no…

Uh-huh, uh-huh
Okay, okay, yeah
Uh-huh, uh-huh
Okay, okay, yeah!

I dig that carpet
And the monster core
Hey, a comfy chair can’t miss
I love the look of your
Breakfast nook

I could get used to this
And may I add
I’ve never had
A bachelor pad
I could get used to this

It takes the prize
It’s just my size
They match my eyes
I could get used to this

(Donkey locks Shrek out of his house)

You open this door right now…

Oh and what is that
A home cooked meal?
Now this is where it’s at…
(Opens the door for Shrek)
Ugh, you know what?
I’m actually gonna order in

Cause there is no stinkin’ way
I could get used to that…

Alright, you are gonna get it!

Imaginary friends all my life
They were fun, but just pretend
But I finally found
And actual, true to life, flesh and blood
Certified, genuine, bona fide
Best friend…

You’re pitiful…

I knew you’d understand!

We’ll swap awesome stories here
We’ll make waffles there
Karaoke here
We’ll make prank calls there

I’ll shave your back right over here
And you’ll braid my hair
Pedicures once a week
Saturdays hide and seek
Tatter tats
Poker nights
Truth or dare
3 A.M pillow fights

You need a buddy
A loyal pal!
And a side kick
Uh, yep, ya’ do!

We’ve only met just miles
And yet
I’ve gotten totally used to you

Cause I’m here
I’m here to stay
I’m here to stay
I believe
I’m here to stay

So where do I sleep?

[Thanks to Joe Velazquez for corrections]

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