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Fefe Dobson - If You Walk Away lyrics

Fefe Dobson lyrics — If You Walk Away lyrics

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Come on

I've been walking, I've been running
To the traffic goes
I've been trying, I've been flying
Down the highway of highs and lows
And no one knows where their heart lies
And I can't read all the street signs
And i feel the seasons turning again

If you walk away,I'll be right behind
If you lose yourself, I will throw the line
With the books I've read, and this hesrt of mine
I will look ahead to the other side

If you see me on the subway
you can ask me which way to go
I'll pretend to know the answer
Try to hide that it's all for show
And time can move but it can't move me
So much to prove in the city
and I feel the sunlight burning, listen


And everytime the clock strikes six
The camera clicks and you gotta do it
oh, so you do it
and yea-oh...

(Chorus x2)
Walk away, yeah

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