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Sometimes I see
Past the horizon,
Sure of my way,
Where I am going -

But where's the prize
I have my eyes on?
There is just no knowing!

And when despair
Tears me in two,
Who can I turn to
But you?
You know who I am...
Take me as I am.

Look in my eyes,
Who do you see there?
Someone you know,
Or just a stranger?

If you are wise,
You will see me there!
Love is the only danger!

Love meaning me,
Love meaning you,
We'll make that one dream come true!
You know who I am...
Take me as I am.

Though fate won't always do
What we desire -
Still we can set
The world on fire!

Give me your hand,
Give me your heart -

Swear to me we'll never part!

We'll never part!

You know who I am.

You know who I am.

This is who I am.

This is who I am.

Take me as I am...

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