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Get Yo Mob on Lyrics

Crooked Eye (of Steady Mobb'n) lyrics — Get Yo Mob on Lyrics

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All my niggas worldwide nigga.
Oakland, New Orleans, L.A., The Bay Area, New York.
Fa sho nigga.
sh*t rough out here.

Let's get this cheddar dogg, open up the shop and wait
Get the spot locked and still don't nothin move but the money
Get your mob on, load it with this Oakland game
Get the fortune, let them suckas pay the price for the fame
Duffle bags like Pheonix, with cash that's stacked up
Room full of killers that's quick to act up
Packed full of thugs, just my dogg's and me
With a tank full of soldiers ready to die for me
Tramautized by the game so my life's been raw
No regard for a coward so nigga f**k the law
I get's my smash on and get's my blast on
To get my dash on, to get my cash on

Get yo mob on, do yo thug thang
To all my niggas that's deep in the game
Get yo shine on and stay close to your heat
And get down to the sounds of the M-O-B x2

Now unwrap the bricks and chop the zips up
Move all the product and round the doggs up
Gather all my niggas tell em time to eat
Now it's cross seven o'clock nigga, the night's on me
Machines movin loads, the whole block on flow
Pull out the briefcase, give my doggs a go
As I go route it up, you's the M-O-B
Congratulations, operations movin the brick caprise
Get our smash on, doin our thug thang
Now all my niggas holler deep in the game
Yeah, havin money and stackin some change nigga
Yeah, now we stackin some change nigga

[Chorus x2]

Tell ya nigga, this life is a motherf**ker.
You only get one shot at this sh*t man.
Niggas right nigga, f**k all that hatin.
Bein in niggas motherf**kin business nigga.
Them No Limit niggas, Mr. Bavgate, cleve.
Me, Crooked Eye, alias Alfonso Sausa nigga.
Ya know, get yo mob on.
Do yo thug thang.
Nigga, No Limit.
Beats By The Pound, Craig B.

Download Ringtone Send “Get Yo Mob on” Ringtones to Cell Phone Download Ringtone

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